How to become an Instagram influencer?

So what is an influencer? Well, this is not an official job title and there are no “rules” for being an influencer. If you have an audience and the power to influence their decisions, you are an influencer.

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is no longer just limited to celebrities, micro-influencers can be just as successful as big influencers!

The term micro-influencer is used freely, but generally includes accounts with less than 30,000 subscribers. So if you have roughly this number of subscribers, who know you, love you and trust you, the brands will be interested in hiring you to promote their products!

So how do you become an Instagram influencer? A question that often arises!

In what follows I offer some advice to become an Instagram influencer and land brand collaborations, media and negotiate your best possible price.

Find your niche

Wondering what types of content you want to publish, and ultimately what types of brands you want to work with, is a good place to start. If you want to make money working with fashion brands, start posting photos of your favorite outfits. If you want to work with nutritional brands, focus your account on something in the health and fitness niche. Your Instagram will become your brand, and it must be authentic and present to you 100% for your subscribers to trust you.

Develop your Instagram account

There are several ways to quickly and organically develop an Instagram account. First, make sure that you post high-quality photos! When a person arrives at your Instagram account, they quickly decide whether or not they want to follow you based on their first impressions. Not to mention, brands are not going to pay you for posting grainy images. Your images must be of high quality and must be taken with a good camera. Then, hire, hire, hire! Engagement is very important in social media. Find accounts that interact with you and interact with them by leaving relevant comments on their photos. You should also like and comment on the photos in your feed regularly!

Get a media kit

Working with brands on Instagram is a tricky business. One article that all Instagrammers should have if they want to be paid to post on Instagram is a media kit. A media kit is basically a summary of your brand. It details all of your key information, analyzes and engagement rates on one page. Companies will do a quick scan of your media kit and decide if they want to spend more time coming and going with you to partner up!

Well, instead of treating your Instagram account as a social media hobby, you’re going to approach it like a business by appearing like a real professional when you reach out to brands with your media kit.

Determine how much an Instagram post costs

To determine how much you can earn from each publication, you should take other things into consideration such as:

How long will it take to take pictures?
how long will it take you to edit photos?
how long will it take you to write a caption and post the photos?
how many photos will you be asked for each campaign?
You may even feel that you do not want to be paid for each position.
Contact brands

By contacting brands, you give them the opportunity to see your Instagram account and see the potential you have to offer for a paid partnership.

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