How to get 1000 followers on Instagram quickly?

The more followers you have in Instagram, the more people you can reach and the more people see your products. I’m talking about thousands of your ideal customers who have a need and a desire for what you do! Wouldn’t it be great to reach so many of your good people?

Okay, let’s start talking about strategy. In order to get good traction from your Instagram account, you need people to see your content and follow you, right? Wait, but not just anyone. You want people to interact with your content and buy your products or services. Otherwise, your followers are nothing more than a useless number. So let’s talk about how to quickly get more Instagram followers who will actually engage with what you publish and buy from you:

Optimize your profile: Your profile photo counts! Make sure to use a well-lit portrait with a beautiful smile. Then make sure your bio is clearly written, it’s a good place to showcase your personality! Finally, don’t forget to include your email address in your profile and include a link to your site.

Take quality pictures: Always try to take quality pictures and edit them. Natural light gives you a pretty good picture, but if you launch it in a touch-up application and change some settings, you will be able to make it even better. Brightness and contrast are your friends! Try to use the same type of editing for each image so that they all look the same.

Use your brand colors: Instagram is where we see a lot of brands, so your images should reflect your brand colors. Reinforce your brand image through your images and your content will strengthen your brand and keep it at the top of the minds of the customers who visit your page. Also, if you want to apply a filter to your images, be sure to choose only one and keep it consistent with your other images. We understand that there are many excellent options, but by choosing an option, you will have a much more organized and cleaner grid.

Write engaging captions: Take advantage of your captioning space. You can say a lot of words in an Instagram caption, ask for advice, tell a story, engage your audience, ask a question, and so much more. Use your own voice in your captions and write them down so that people want to respond to you. This is what social media is! In fact, it is best to choose a voice style and take the time to identify yourself, get a clear picture of your brand’s voice and respect it throughout your publication. Consistent messages will give the customer a clearer idea of ​​your brand as a whole and allow them to see your brand through the lens you have created.

Bring value to people: Before posting a photo on Instagram, always ask yourself: What value does this photo bring to people? The value can be useful information, content that inspires people to do things, a beautiful photo that makes people dream, a funny publication, an artistic photo that leads people to experience aesthetic pleasure by looking at it …

Find your hashtags: There are two types of hashtags, the generic hashtags that everyone uses and the much more specific hashtags that make it possible to find your photos in the long term. Look for hashtags that are related to the theme of your photos. By doing this you will have targeted hashtags which will make it easier for people to find you and therefore you will have more subscribers.

Post regularly: Do yourself a favor and keep an editorial calendar for your Instagram. This way you can plan your images, create your captions and collect hashtags in advance, so you just have to copy and paste when it’s time to publish. This will help you stay consistent with your display and your brand and that way you will have an idea of ​​what you want to set up, which will facilitate the collection of content. Consistency is the key. The more often you post, the more often new content will find its way in front of new eyes, which leads to new “Likes” and new follow-ups.

Don’t get off topic: Your Instagram posts should be relevant to your business. If your business sells makeup, but publishes cooking recipes, your customers will be confused and not really know what it is. Sticking to your brand and your business in terms of content will really help to establish and strengthen an appropriate connection between your brand and your customers.

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