How to increase followers on Instagram?

Every month, Instagram records according to very serious studies, an activity of more than 400,000 members! The network which was created in 2010 particularly appeals to Internet users. Image and video sharing services, it is the very concept of the network in question that appeals to millions of people on the web. The biggest celebrities on the planet have made a name for themselves there. Music, cinema, fashion, sport, politics. Instagram is the platform on which the biggest names benefit from a daily showcase. But it’s not just the biggest stars in the world on the platform. There are also strangers who have become popular by increasing their followers. To get there, there are various ways and stages. Browse this article to increase subscribers.

Give a soul to your publications

By the expression: the soul of your publications, we mean here the content, which is, therefore, the very heart of what you publish on the network. It’s the postings of your photos that shape your Instagram identity. Depending on what you publish, subscribers may or may not be interested in your publications. It is therefore useless to mix everything by posting a series of images without any link between them. To give personality to your publications, we advise you to choose a theme according to which you post your images: life style, fitness, travel, make-up, selfie, cars, landscapes, animals … It’s up to you to define your publication theme. Throughout your publications, also try to maintain the same visual harmony. Also make sure to share meaningful thoughts and quotes. In a nutshell, think of a content strategy that attracts and retains. In order to remain interesting in the eyes of subscribers, we advise you to regularly review your publications and delete some if necessary. It is above all a question of eliminating those which are of inferior quality .

The hashtags on Instagram also play a big role in the loyalty of followers. You could do this using popular hashtags or preferably targeted hashtags. The advantage of targeted hashtags is that Instagramers will eventually recognize your content. They will therefore be more likely to subscribe to your account.


In order for your Instagram account to attract more and more people, you need to define a promo policy . The goal is simple: make yourself known in order to have more and more followers. You can do this by subscribing to influential accounts, for example. This is about subscribing yourself to the most popular Instagram accounts of the moment . The goal is to bring more visibility to your publications because by subscribing to the most fashionable Instagramers, you might have the chance to be noticed by their subscribers. At your request, they could agree to publish on your account . You would gain visibility.

A subscription to the suggested accounts is also an interesting avenue. The accounts suggested are an originality of Facebook which, let us recall it bought Instagram since 2012. It is in fact an algorithm which makes you a series of suggestions of account to follow because of their resemblance to your own account. Depending on your interests, Instagram will suggest that you follow the accounts of your friends as well as that of your friends. By becoming a follower of similar interest accounts yourself , you have a high chance of winning over many followers. As your publications are closer to their areas of interest, these accounts to which you have subscribed will subscribe in return. There is in any case a great chance in that.

Feel free to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts . Yes. It is an interesting strategy. With this feature you can show your friends on Facebook the community you have created on Instagram. You also have the latitude to post your photos simultaneously on Facebook and on Instagram. The strategy of linked accounts allows you to make your promotion, straddling two social networks.

Favor interaction!

One of the characteristics of Instagram is that it is an extremely warm social network. The idea of networking to form a virtual community but at the same time real is perfectly supported by Instagram. So why not favor interaction? Start already by interacting with your followers . React to their comment. Take an interest in them in return. Take a look at their account and like their photos, comment on their content . Do not hesitate to seek contact with your subscribers. Even if at the beginning, they are not very numerous.

Another strategy is to like thousands of photos per day on the platform . For some observers, it is even the number 1 strategy to gain subscribers. According to QuickSprout’s Neil Patel , “If you want to win hundreds of thousands of subscribers a day, the best way to do that is to randomly like thousands of images a day.” However, there is a limit to this tedious exercise. You risk attracting subscribers who are not really interested.

Finally, if you want to make many subscribers, we advise you to:

Publish regularly  : to stay on the page, update your profile frequently;

Publish according to an editorial calendar that you have previously defined;

Also schedule your publications in advance and post them when the time is right  : By publishing at good frequency and in a thoughtful way, you put more luck on your side.

All in all, it’s not that difficult to increase the number of followers on Instagram to learn even more . To get there, you just have to give a soul to your publications. Promote on social networks in their majority and finally favor interaction. And voila.

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