Instagram for business: why use it

The use of Instagram for businesses has become essential. Today, 1 billion people use this network and 60% of users discover products there ( Source: Hootsuite ). Companies in the United States have understood this. The use of Instagram has been on the rise in recent years. It is one of the best networks to promote the business.

Why Instagram for business?

The principle of Instagram is the sharing of photos and videos. By surfing the news feed, Instagrammers can like, comment and subscribe . In the latter case, they then see the publications that appear directly in their news feeds.

Instagram is the youth network. They are passionate about it. It is the ideal network to increase its visibility . Good news, thanks to Instagram, everyone can make a photo more beautiful. Filters can be easily added before sharing. Thus, it is the essential tool for millennials . It is a platform of choice for businesses. Through images, companies give a more human side to the brand. Indeed, this is how they more easily arouse interest.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Confucius

Behind each image, using storytelling is relevant. You can tell more about your business. On Instagram, share your story by illustrating your words . For example, posting a photo of staff at work. The description may speak of the reasons why your team is motivated and engaged in a new project.

This new vision creates an emotional connection with your target. On this network, there is a strong commitment for brands. Indeed, users interact ten times more with brands on Instagram than on Facebook.

Create a professional Instagram account easily

Creating an Instagram pro account is easy from a personal account. You will find many complete tutorials on the net to help you in this maneuver. By having an Instagram pro account, you access different tools.

Let’s start with the beneficial aspects of your Instagram pro profile . It is possible to add the company’s contact details. By specifying an email address and / or number, the contact is simplified . A bio is also visible on your profile. In this part, you will need to explain who you are and what you do. All this in 125 characters. Brief, unique and impactful. Your bio is the element that differentiates you . It should therefore not be overlooked. One last thing is to note on the profile of an Instagram pro account. You can add a call to action. For example, the link to your site or the announcement of a promotional offer. this isa powerful lever to start a transaction.

With a professional Instagram account, it is possible to advertise . You can analyze the results using the tools at your disposal. Based on the findings, you can modify and improve your publications. In short, you optimize your actions to achieve the objectives set. For example, you notice that your audience is mainly connected between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. You then share your publications in this time slot. Your publication should have better results . You can check the progress thanks to the analysis tools.

Creating an Instagram pro account allows you to present your products while putting your business forward. This sharing of news, in a humanized way, allows you to develop a committed community. Thanks to the shopping features, you will take advantage of this to tag your products like a personalized pen on certain photos. You may be surprised by the conversion rates .

Instagram strategy for business

The implementation of an Instagram strategy is an integral part of corporate communication strategies . For it to be effective, it is necessary to publish regularly. So first define the publication frequency you want to apply.

Multiple simple tips allow you to develop your community and its engagement rate. For example, think of geolocating yourself , this will allow you to widen your audience. Consider adding hashtags, for the same reasons. On this subject, it is strongly advised to develop your own hashtag . You will be able to share the posts of your audience, in the rules of the art. You thus federate a community and pay particular attention to your audience.

The most popular action is the use of stories . It is possible, in Instagram, to add stories. As on Facebook, their lifespan is 24 hours. You can, for example, post a survey on a photo shared as a story. Your subscribers will feel involved. In the same vein, make a habit of asking a question at the end of your post descriptions. You’ll get feedback and communicate more personally with your audience.

Partner with influencers. On Instagram, brands regularly collaborate with influencers on specific promotional campaigns. For the results to live up to expectations, it is necessary to target the right influencers.

Instagram for business is the ideal network for implementing a visual marketing strategy. Using this network creates a committed community around the brand. It is thanks to the quality of the images and the relevance of the texts that companies stand out and develop on this network. The importance of Instagram for businesses is indisputable .

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