What is IGTV?

IGTV which is the abbreviation of Instagram TV is the new service of the same name aiming to compete in a certain way with google and its online video service which is no longer to be presented namely YOUTUBE. This new service was announced on June 20, 2018, by the social network. It would be easy to tell yourself that this is once again a publicity stunt and that in the end, all these services that claim to be new and innovative are the same. But, is this really the case?


IGTV is described by its creators as being a new application used to watch videos in vertical format. To give a simple and analogous vision, tell yourself that when you launch a video on your smartphone, the latter rather than being displayed horizontally as we can observe on YouTube will remain vertical and occupy the whole screen. It is also specified that even if this new application to download will be different from the current Instagram application, it will still be possible to view IGTV content from the classic Instagram application.


As announced in the preceding paragraph, the new vertical format of the videos is intended to take into account the use, in vertical position, which we generally make of our mobile companions.
Another important point is the disappearance of the limitation of the video to one minutes which was one of the characteristic points of the classic application by making a direct competitor of the service that is YouTube, the platform managed by the American giant google.
A partnership already well underway with network influencers. As we can see in the video presentation of the event, some influencers like LaurDIY, King Bach to name but one, will support this service which wants to be in many aspects a totally digital television in keeping with the times with different “Channels” corresponding to each to an influencer and therefore a content creator.


The Internet is a huge cake, everyone wants a share. in this frantic race in search of the best “cake knife”, who can say he is better equipped than a giant already established to hope to have a share of this cake? With huge growth and reaching no less than a billion users today, Instagram intends to use this popularity which does not seem to be weakening to establish itself in the field of online video services dominated by another giant. which obviously cannot be hidden: YOUTUBE. To see a good idea of the influence of online video services, ask yourself how often, since you got your Netflix subscription or another video-on-demand service, have you been to a movie or seen a movie watched TNT for more than 5 hours in a row, or even more than 3 hours.

As said during the IGTV presentation event, Instagram wants to be a social network that allows to connect, inspire, educate and entertain and intends to take advantage of this new platform. This development plan is similar to YouTube which, a while ago, launched its online music service called YouTube Red and which, too, is entering a very

competitive with your big names like Deezer or Amazon Music. We are witnessing a popularity race that is not to displease us, providing us with all kinds of offers and therefore a wide range of choices for all genres and all tastes.

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